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About Black Lake

Scenic Black Lake is a natural lake formed by the same glacier that carved out the Great Lakes and is one of the most famous fishing spots in New York State. Black Lake covers an area of nearly 11,000 acres among enormous rock formations and is over 20 miles long and around 4 miles across at its widest point. Areas of Black Lake are filled with many sandbars, underwater shoals, and majestic rocky islands similar to those in rugged northern Canada. The Indian River and Fish Creek are the primary feed waters for Black Lake and the water outflows over 20 miles to the north and empties into the Oswegatchie River, where it flows over the Eel Weir Dam and ultimately joins the St. Lawrence River at Ogdensburg. Black Lake weather offers mild days (it's rarely hot on the water) and cool evenings.

Fishing imageBack Bay Boating & Fishing

Out on the waters of Black Lake, anglers are challenged to land these species of trophy sized fish:

  • 10-15 Pound Northern Pike
  • 10-inch Crappie
  • Walleye
  • 13-inch Perch
  • 5 Pound Bucket (Small or Large) Mouth Bass
  • 3/4 Pound Bluegill
  • Catfish, and Monster-sized Muskie!

And generally it's so secluded that the only competition for fish comes from the Great Blue Herons! Speaking of monster fish, a good fishing fight awaits in the Black Lake backwaters where 3-4 foot garpike and 20-pound catfish lurk.

Boat Rentals building

Black Lake Boat Rentals

Back Bay Campground & Cottages features its own "fleet" of boats available for rent by our guests. Whether you want to go fishing or just spend a relaxing day on Black Lake, you'll enjoy the convenience of our reasonably priced boat rentals!

- 16' Aluminum Boat w/15 hp Electric Start Motor, Weekly: $625.00 Daily: $125.00

- 18' Pontoon Weekly:$1000.00 Daily: $250.00

- 20' Pontoon (40hp to 65hp) Weekly:$1000.00 Daily: $250.00

 - 22' Pontoon - Tri-Hull - 115hp Weekly:$1,400.00 Daily: $330.00

  • All Pontoon Boats require $400.00 cash deposit
  • 16' Aluminum requires $300.00 cash deposit
  • All boats come FULL OF GAS, you PAY for what you use
  • All our motors are 4-stroke
  • Adult life jackets are provided with all boat rentals

Black Lake Dock Rentals

Back Bay Campground & Cottages offers rental docks for boats at a small cost. Cottage and House Rental guests are welcome to dock one boat at no additional cost (additional boat docking available for fee.)

  • Boat Docking at Campground Daily: $20.00 Weekly: $110.00
  • Boat Docking at Main Dock Daily: $25.00 Weekly: $140.00
  • Electric on docks, extra charge
  •  Seasonal docks available